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Here Are 4 Jewelry Trends to Rock This Summer

Growing up in Laguna Beach, I'm always curious about the latest jewelry trends while I'm home for a visit. As I browse the local boutiques, I tend to see A LOT of crystals and natural gemstones on display. I notice women are commonly sporting multiple piercings and are wearing lots of small hoops and stud earrings. They are also stacking and wearing rings on almost all their fingers. Plus, charm necklaces and bracelets with a lot of celestial jewelry too, including charms with moons, suns, and stars.

Whether you're heading to the beach with friends, soaking up some sun in the park, or relaxing poolside at home with guests you will be sure to look your finest with these four 2021 trends I have gathered.

Jewelry Trends for Summer 2021


Who said that only diamonds were a girl’s best friend? I believe that