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Here Are 4 Jewelry Trends to Rock This Summer

Growing up in Laguna Beach, I'm always curious about the latest jewelry trends while I'm home for a visit. As I browse the local boutiques, I tend to see A LOT of crystals and natural gemstones on display. I notice women are commonly sporting multiple piercings and are wearing lots of small hoops and stud earrings. They are also stacking and wearing rings on almost all their fingers. Plus, charm necklaces and bracelets with a lot of celestial jewelry too, including charms with moons, suns, and stars.

Whether you're heading to the beach with friends, soaking up some sun in the park, or relaxing poolside at home with guests you will be sure to look your finest with these four 2021 trends I have gathered.

Jewelry Trends for Summer 2021


Who said that only diamonds were a girl’s best friend? I believe that charms are not only stylish but give your jewelry a personalized touch. Pick out nautical charms for a beach-themed bracelet, or mix and match charms to create an earring and necklace set that is one-of-a-kind. The world’s your oyster!

Pearls & Chains

Speaking of mollusks. People have been fawning over the luster of pearls for hundreds of years—and for good reason, they are true marvels of the sea! String a few into a beaded bracelet for a classy addition to your seaside dinner date, or incorporate some as an added touch of elegance to a delicate chain necklace. And who can beat a versatile set of matching pearl studs?

Layered Stone Necklaces

This exciting new addition to our line-up is a great way to add some zest and flair to your next vacation. Spice up your favorite beach dress with a cute set of layered necklaces with a gorgeous and mystical moonstone. Why not create a matching set for a night out with a beautiful charm bracelet? Stones and charms come in many colors, shapes, and sizes, so there is something for everyone!

Stackable Rings

Nothing says beach vibes like dawning treasures that shimmer like the sea. Incorporating shiny stackable rings into your look is a wonderful way to capture the eclectic beach esthetic you are after.

How Do I Wear Jewelry to the Beach?

If you intend to wear jewelry to the beach, make sure that the piece is securely fastened, and will not easily slip off. Avoid pieces that secure only with knots, or hook earrings that do not have a backing. If you have concerns about your rings or necklace getting lost, opt to bring a small pouch that you can discreetly tuck them away into while you enjoy the water, and put them in a safe place like a locker or your vehicle.

Although I don’t recommend wearing jewelry to the beach because you run the risk of losing or damaging your jewelry, many people love wearing their favorite pieces there. If you decide that you want to wear jewelry to the beach, just be careful.

Make an Impact—While Reducing Waste—With a Custom Redesign!

Do you have a piece of jewelry you hardly wear but would hate to part with? Our custom work allows us to completely redesign your jewelry from the ground up to get you the look you are after. My team will work with you to ensure that the new item reflects your personal, unique style!

Have a bracelet that no longer fits? Take those beautiful pearls and stones and turn them into a gorgeous beach-worthy ring for your next seaside vacation.

Ready to make your tired and worn-out jewelry look fresh and new? Contact the experts at Throwing Stars Jewelry today to get started.

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