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Start with existing jewelry

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Throwing Stars Jewelry focuses on two kinds of custom jewelry design:

  • Creating original designs

  • Redesigning existing jewelry

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Ideal for heirloom jewelry or gems collecting dust.


Revamp. Re-Create. Redesign. 

A nightstand drawer or tucked away box is no place for your precious jewelry and gems. At Throwing Stars, we value the meaning and beauty behind your heirlooms and inherited jewelry while also understanding that some things, no matter how special, can sometimes feel outdated. We offer custom redesign of all your well-loved jewels and will work closely with you to create something new and exciting that still possesses the unique charm that makes it so special.

Special. Unique. Made for you.

Jewelry reflects who you are, and maybe even who you love. It is a statement and can be very personal. At Throwing Stars, we walk through the redesign process with you every step of the way to make sure the end result is something that reflects your style and are proud to wear.

The Process is Collaborative.

We want to make sure you feel excited and confident about this new journey. We do not take our role in this lightly and our free consultations provide the perfect opportunity to get to know you and your style. We offer in-person and virtual meetings during which we will discuss, sketch and finalize your new design so that the RE-design process can begin.