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Design Your Dream Jewelry with 3D CAD

We have a unique approach to custom jewelry design. We invite you to work with us to make sure your jewelry is exactly what you want—from idea to completion. With the help of 3D CAD technology, you are an active participant in the design process and your vision is brought to life using age-old techniques such as lost wax casting. Let’s take a closer look at our jewelry design process.

3D CAD Design Process with Amy from Throwing Stars Jewelry

The first step in the design process is to bring your ideas to Amy and get started on your custom piece. Amy uses 3D CAD software to bring your concept to life on screen. This allows you to be an active partner in the design process by providing feedback during various stages of the project. Once your piece has been designed, we will create a resin sample for you to try on and approve before it goes into production.

Below is an example of a sweet couple going through the custom design process using 3D CAD design. She was able to try on the resin sample (which we spray painted gold) so she could see how the ring would fit and make sure she was 100% satisfied before moving forward.

Customer trying on the resin sample for final approval before casting.

This was just the beginning. Once she approved it, the ring was made and completed using the lost wax technique.

What is Lost Wax Casting?

Once approved by you, Amy begins the casting process which involves creating a wax model of your jewelry from the 3D CAD file. This wax model is then placed into a container that is filled with plaster and heated until it melts away (lost wax casting). The remaining cavity is then filled with silver or gold which takes shape according to the original wax model that was created from the 3D CAD file. After being cleaned and inspected, any diamonds or gemstones that were requested can be added before setting them securely into the finished piece of jewelry!

Our couple in these photos had Amy set 3 diamonds surrounding an opal. It's exactly what she envisioned!

Resin sample spray painted gold on the left. Final product on right.

Designing custom pieces of jewelry doesn’t have to be a complicated or daunting task—in fact, it can be enjoyable when done properly! With Amy at Throwing Stars Jewelry she uses 3D CAD technology and lost wax casting techniques so that customers can actively participate in every step of their jewelry design journey—from idea to completion! If you’re ready for something special, contact Amy today and let her help bring your vision for custom jewelry alive!

Nothing like a happy customer!

Interested in custom jewelry design, email Amy at

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Aisha Malik
Aisha Malik
27 feb 2023

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