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January is a Month of Beauty with Garnet and Pantone's Color of the Year

Long Live Magenta!

It's already the first week into January, and we're already feeling like the days are getting a tad bit longer but there is still a little nip in the air. If you haven't heard yet, the Pantone color of the year is a beautiful magenta color and is the same color as January's birthstone - Garnet! This gorgeous stone comes in many varieties, from fiery red to vibrant green.

January Birthstone – Garnet

Garnets come in many colors and hues, but they all share one common trait - they are an incredibly beautiful stone. Red garnets are some of the most popular, but there is also the demantoid garnet variety which has both lighter green or dark green stones. Some people also prefer rarer options like rhodolite garnets, which feature purple-red hues or orangey-pink hues. No matter what type you prefer, these gems can be stunning when set in jewelry such as rings and necklaces.

Amy's Engagement Ring

An unconventional take on an engagement ring, Amy's ring is set with her husband's birthstone, Garnet. "I wanted something totally unique!

I also wanted a trillion cut stone. The trillion is a triangle shaped stone, but the sides of the stone pillow out. The first two renditions of my engagement ring, the garnet was fully surrounded by metal in a bezel setting. I decided a couple years ago to redesign my ring because the stone was so dark in a bezel setting. I used my same garnet stone, and changed the setting to a prong setting. By changing the setting, I am now able to see more of the brilliant reddish hues of the garnet. I also added 18 black diamonds to run along the ring shank. The number 18 in Judaism is a lucky number. I figure, if I can add luck anywhere, why not add it to my ring?"

January’s birthstone makes for a truly special look that will make anyone wearing it stand out from the crowd. Garnet is already known for its beauty and durability; adding it to your jewelry wardrobe only adds more dimension to your color pallet.

January brings us not only snow and cold weather but also a month full of beauty thanks to Garnet and Pantone’s Color of The Year! With so many different shades available, you can find something that matches your style perfectly. Celebrate January by getting yourself some gorgeous Garnet!

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