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Our Perfect New Mom & Baby Gift Ideas

There are many ways to congratulate a new mom and baby, from flowers to balloons to cooking up a delicious meal for when they first come home. However, if you are looking for something to give these two special members of your family as a keepsake, there are some truly amazing jewelry pieces to choose from for the new mom and her bundle of joy. We have rounded up some of our favorite pieces of jewelry that we know they'll love!

Is Jewelry a Good New Mom Gift?

Most definitely! Whether you want to give this mom jewelry as a gift or for yourself and your baby, we have you covered! Mom jewelry feels like being welcomed into a new club, which is something that makes it so special. You have had quite an exciting journey along your path to becoming a mom, and you deserve to celebrate! We have created a list of beautiful yet delicate pieces that can be worn from the very beginning of motherhood.

What To Consider When Buying New Mom Jewelry

The piece you choose will likely mean a lot to the new mom. Nevertheless, for this to be a piece to last, you need to choose something timeless that is made of high-quality materials.

What Color Jewelry Does She Normally Wear?

The jewelry you pick out for someone needs to suit their style, that way, you know they'll be able to combine your gift with their other jewelry. I see a lot of young trendy moms mixing metals, such as gold necklaces with their names and silver stacked rings—still, it is something to consider!

4 Trendy New Mom Jewelry Gifts You Will Adore!

  1. Letter Jewelry

Having given the gift of life, why not treat her and her new child to matching necklaces featuring the first letter of their names and their birthstones? It could be a special keepsake between mother and daughter as the little one grows up!

  1. Multiple Birthstones

Is the new mom celebrating the birth of twins, or has other children? She will love a delicate necklace that includes all the birthstones of her children to keep her precious little ones close to her heart.

  1. Matching Stud Earrings

Rather than gifting something the new mom will have to store away until their child is older, why not give them something the duo can don at the same time? Delicate stud earrings, such as hearts, stars, or custom lettering are a great option to gift as the newborn will be old enough to get their ears pierced by six months of age.

  1. Charming Charms!

Does the new mother have a piece of jewelry she already fancies? Giving her a special way to personalize the piece with a new charm is a unique and easy option to add to her favorite necklace, bracelet, or earrings. Perhaps you can opt for a teenie tiny bracelet for the baby with a matching charm, the world is your oyster!

Gift a Special Keepsake With a Custom Redesign!

Do you have a piece of jewelry you hardly wear but would love to pass on as a keepsake? Our custom work allows us to completely redesign your jewelry from the ground up for a unique and sentimental new mom gift.

Whether you want a new or a redesigned piece, Contact the experts at Throwing Stars Jewelry today to find the perfect gift!

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