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The Origin of the Name Throwing Stars Jewelry

Updated: Jun 16

How did you get your name?

Many people ask me how I got the name Throwing Stars Jewelry. Men usually ask me if I was a ninja, I am not.

The throwing part symbolizes action - not shooting and not falling stars. I was in a sad place and needed to take action in my life.

I was interviewed by CavasRebel magazine. It's an online interview. I chose to answer how I came up with my company name.

CanvasRebel Interview Answer...

I was married and divorced really young. He was my high school sweetheart and we were together most of my high school career and all of college. At the time, I didn't know myself outside of him. He was the center of my world and I didn't make any room for myself. Young love... it consumed me.

I was always a creative soul. I grew up in Laguna Beach, CA. It's a creative town where, as a community, they support their artists. Our high school mascot was "The Artists". We had a wonderful art department and many of my childhood friends are also in the creative field today. I grew up painting, drawing, beading jewelry, doing ceramics, learning the guitar, and doing a lot of jazz and tap dancing (it was the late 80's). The creative energy was always around me, at school and at home. I even won an art scholarship for college, but I wasn't able to use it since I didn't continue taking art classes. I put all of my energy into my boyfriend/young husband and in my mind, he was the creative spirit. I was the one to support him, so antiquated, I know...and it was only a one-way relationship.

When we divorced, I felt like it was MY time to "shine". I was hurt and angry. All of my past energy pushed and supported him toward success and I felt completely naked and left behind. To say I was hurt was an understatement. We were together for 9 years, and in those 9 y