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Amy's Perfect Gift Guide

Hello Friends! Here are some common questions and experiences around gift buying that I thought would be helpful to share before the holidays.

What do I get her?

It's very common for me to meet a husband/boyfriend/significant other who feels clueless. They book a session at my studio knowing they want to buy a piece of jewelry, and it stops right there. So, it's my job to figure out what she may want, which can be tricky especially if I don't know her. I've actually called a husband before and told him I didn't think his wife would like what he picked from me. Instead, I guided him to stay in the same price range, but suggested he chose a different piece of jewelry that would better fit her style.

I've actually called a husband before and told him I didn't think his wife would like what he picked from me.

Questions for the perfect gift

Here's what I usually ask and it helps us get a meaningful gift:

  1. Do you have a picture of her?

  2. What is her hair color and eye color?

  3. What does she do for a living?

  4. What does she do for fun?

  5. Does she have a Pinterest Board?

1. Do you have a photo of her?

A photo helps me quickly see her style, face shape, hair length, clothing, etc. Most people have photos on their phone, but not all! If you don't have a pic, find one on social media, take a selfie, do whatever you have to do so I can see what she looks like. There are ladies out there who don't like having their picture taken, I totally get it, but see if you can make it happen! It's like the old saying , "a picture is worth a thousand words".

2. What is her hair color and her eye color?

For those of you who don't have a picture handy, I just need some basics here. Does she have brown or blue eyes, blonde or brunette hair, sandy blonde or black hair? Is her hair long or short, wavy or straight? A lot of these details help me figure out what metals she might like?

3. What does she do for a living?

It makes a difference about what she does for a living. If she works with her hands or in a field like healthcare and needs to wash her hands a lot, she may not want rings. If she sits in front of a computer, she may not want bangle bracelets that get in the way of the mouse and keyboard. These things really help me figure out what type of jewelry would suit her best during the week.

I love making special occasion jewelry, but I really want to make jewelry that people can and want to wear everyday.

4. What does she do for fun?

What she does in her down time also helps me figure out some jewelry that would help fit her lifestyle outside of work. Does she workout a lot? Maybe permanent jewelry is a good idea then. Does she like to go out with her friends? Maybe a statement piece is more appropriate? Is she a new mom and completely exhausted and want to get some good sleep? In that case, I would recommend a simple birthstone necklace that she can wear all the time. Believe it or not, the jewelry we pick for her reflects where she is in her life too.

5. Does she have a Pinterest Board?

This is the absolute best way for us to figure out what she likes! Or, she may have been hinting about some jewelry she likes as well. From my experience about being female and having a husband, I don't hide what I like from him or my friends. If you want some insight, reach out and see if you can get a hold of that Pinterest Board or talk to someone who may be in the know! If she isn't much of a jewelry talker, that helps me out as well! She may want something more understated and sentimental.

Still not sure, how about a Gift Certificate?

Gift certificates are sometimes the best answer and everybody wins! This way she can truly spend it on what she wants.


Custom Jewelry Design

As always, Amy loves working with clueless significant others to help them design and create the perfect piece of jewelry. Amy works with ideas, old jewelry, heirloom jewelry, and occasionally terrible jewelry (hopefully not gifted by the current significant other). Call, text, email, or book a session using the link below:


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1 Comment

Elenor Shaw
Elenor Shaw
Dec 07, 2022

Amy, I love the way you explained all the things about gifting a thing to a someone special. It is a worth reading guide especially you are gifting a luxury item. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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