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The Beloved Two-Toned Necklace

The Beloved Necklace is a two-toned statement necklace. You can wear silver or gold accessories with it. Dress it up or down. It's perfect for wearing over sweaters with the cooler fall weather on it's way.

This is a super versatile piece that we are happy to bring back.

Why is it called Beloved?

We have the Perfect Match necklace which is the smaller, daintier version of the Beloved Necklace. The Perfect Match necklace has been a very popular necklace for gifting to that special someone. We wanted to make a larger, bolder necklace option.

Plus, Amy means "beloved," so it felt like the perfect name for this piece.

I made this necklace over 10 years ago and recently met some folks who still wear it, so I thought I would bring it back! - Amy