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Top 4 Jewelry Trends for Summer 2022

As summer draws closer, let’s talk about some fun trends to help you get ready. Simple designs made from gold and silver accompany neutral colors and minimalist outfits. Pick up your new favorite pieces today, and get ready to wear them at your vacation, evenings out with friends, and formal events.

1. Minimalism

Delicate, subtle jewelry is a popular trend for summer looks. Instead of drawing attention away from your outfit, these pieces accentuate your long-sleeved shirt or form-fitting dress. A hint of gold around your neck adds color to your look, while bracelets and earrings bring out the neutral shades.

Minimalist jewelry features simple designs, small chains, dainty rings, tiny jewels, and shapes like stars, crescent moons, and simple circles. Diamonds and pearls often appear on minimalist jewelry because they're clean but subtly iridescent.

2. Nature Inspired Designs

As more artists and fashion moguls turn to nature for inspiration, nature symbols have started appearing on necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Carved leaves, stamped dandelions, pearl clovers, and jeweled fruit add a bohemian vibe to your outfit. These pieces pair well with knitted tops and messy hairstyles, loose buns and braids.

Celestial bodies also provide inspiration for modern jewelry. Tiny stars and crescent moons add delicate glitter to your outfit. Artisans often use gold and silver to replicate the way the moon and stars appear in the sky. Bright gold suns give your wardrobe a little cheer, especially in the summer when everyone's enjoying the warmth.

3. Stud Earrings

Before summer starts, pick up tiny stud earrings with shapes like stars, arrows, bees, and crosses. If you post hair or makeup pictures, stud earrings add a touch of design and glitter to your photos. You could also make them the centerpiece of your Instagram posts by showing off your soft, feminine style.

Hoop earrings have also enjoyed a surge in popularity. However, like the stud earrings, they're dainty and subtle instead of huge and attention-grabbing. The hoop earrings feature thin strips of gold or silver crafted in various sizes. Some earrings have a texture that reflects the light. Others create leaf or teardrop shapes.

4. Charm Bracelets

Many fashion lovers wore charm bracelets when they were in school. Charm bracelets have come back, and they're just as fun as they were in your childhood. But instead of chunky charms, our charm bracelets feature small jewels and crystals along with symbols like the sun, hearts, stars and more.

While some bracelets feature multiple charms, others have one or two attached to the chain. A single charm paired with a gemstone like a diamond is a popular summer look. Our Gold confetti bracelet is fun and festive, especially for parties. For true simplicity, some bracelets forgo the charms altogether and offer a simple gold chain that encircles the wrist.

Get ready for summer by following these tips and shopping Throwing Stars Jewelry. Amy offers a wide range of artisanal pieces designed in the heart of Atlanta, GA.

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