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Top 4 Jewelry Trends for Summer 2022

As summer draws closer, let’s talk about some fun trends to help you get ready. Simple designs made from gold and silver accompany neutral colors and minimalist outfits. Pick up your new favorite pieces today, and get ready to wear them at your vacation, evenings out with friends, and formal events.

1. Minimalism

Delicate, subtle jewelry is a popular trend for summer looks. Instead of drawing attention away from your outfit, these pieces accentuate your long-sleeved shirt or form-fitting dress. A hint of gold around your neck adds color to your look, while bracelets and earrings bring out the neutral shades.

Minimalist jewelry features simple designs, small chains, dainty rings, tiny jewels, and shapes like stars, crescent moons, and simple circles. Diamonds and pearls often appear on minimalist jewelry because they're clean but subtly iridescent.