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Your Essential Birthstone Jewelry Guide

Birthstones are not only a beautiful way to show your birth month, as they are meaningful and timeless. Each month's birthstone has its own symbolic meaning that carries good energy with it. What could be a better gift for a new mom than a birthstone necklace that symbolizes gentleness and compassion? Or wisdom and loyalty?

Identifying each stone’s physical, emotional, and spiritual meaning traces back to antiquity. Wearing your birthstone is like carrying positive vibes wherever you go! Take a look as we venture into the land of elegant and symbolic jewelry!

How to Choose Your Birthstone

Birthstones can symbolize who you are, your personality, and what you connect with. The world is filled with diverse individuals, and to reflect that, there are a variety of ways to choose a birthstone.

Birth Month — Choosing by birth month is the most popular due to it being the most contemporary form. Jewelers assigned a stone to each month just over a hundred years ago.

Traditional or Modern — The list of stones has been updated with multiple stones for certain months. March, June, August, October, November, and December now have two stones to choose from.

Birthstone Color — If your month has more than one option, you can choose the color that you gravitate toward the most.

Symbolic Meaning — If you don’t connect or identify with your birth month’s stone, then go ahead and choose one that better complements your personality.

Zodiac Sign — If personalization is what matters most to you, then choosing by zodiac sign is recommended.

The Best Birthstone Jewelry Pieces

No matter the reason, jewelry is something that each of us deserves! Here are five must-have birthstone pieces to reflect you or a loved one’s unique personality and style.

Birthstone Necklaces — August’s peridot stone has a refreshing light green color meant to stimulate creative expression. Add a stone that connects you to this birthstone necklace by Throwing Stars Jewelry. It has a 3mm birthstone studded 14-carat white gold or yellow gold chain.

Birthstone Rings — Rings are perfect for showing off your birthstone and adding a touch of class to your outfit. Throwing Star Jewelry’s birthstone ring is 14K sterling gold and features round 4mm rose cut birthstones in the center so you can customize it to suit you or represent your family.

Birthstone Charm Necklaces — This birthstone charm necklace features a delicate chain with small charms adorned with the birthstones of your children. The necklace is carved out of a 14K gold chain, and whether you are looking for a unique gift or a treat for yourself, it’s a special choice for you.

Uppercase Initial Letter Birthstone Necklaces — This stunning necklace features a large (1/2" size) initial pendant adorned with a 3mm birthstone of your choice. The necklace is made from sterling gold and hangs from a delicate chain. It is the perfect gift for a special someone and makes a lasting impression.

Starburst Charm Bracelet With a Birthstone Accent — What a unique way to add a touch of sparkle to your look. The bracelet features a starburst charm with a fixed birthstone of your choice and is finished with a clasp.

A personalized piece of jewelry is a meaningful gift. It is a gift that will remind a person of you every time they wear it. Consider a birthstone piece to compliment you or your loved one’s special style and personality. You’re sure to find something beautiful and elegant with Throwing Stars Jewelry.

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